Da Muslim Galz


Posted on: November 26, 2012

Hi guys have you seen the news on Palestine, Egypt and Syria lately? Its pretty bad. And once in the masgid I had a fundraiser to make money for the masjid but then a person in our group who had ADHD, tore up all the signs of the restaurant. This time my dad said he could help me, so I thought we could raise money for Syria Palestine and Egypt! But my dad said if we do, then we are only doing it on the weekend. anyway I have to do some homework so,bye. Post a comment if you think we should do so! I know I am!


5 Responses to "Fundraiser"

I really want to do this. Maybe we can do it at DAFA during lunch

omg sounds fun.
lolz *masjid i love egyptian accents so much

Thanks! And I love Syrian accents too! Ish?

Thats the only word i know in syrian, actually i also know ‘keboo’ throw away

ish? thats bread in masri. keboo hahahaha love you girly!

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