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Hi guys just did a little something just wit for a few seconds and white snow will fall. Just saying cause at first I thought there was something wrong with my computer. Hope you like it!



PS: the place where your cursor is is the direction the snow will fall so if you move your mouse around, the snow will move


Hi. I found another site. Im sorry but this still has inappropriate ads. sometimes its like really inappropriate ads. Anyway, its :  1channel.ch

Make an account ( all it wants is your email) after that activate. Then watch the video thats below I cant watch movies help!

That will show you how to watch them. Anyway I have TONS of homework so bye.




Hi guys just went sledding it was awesome! You should try it

Hi guys have you seen the news on Palestine, Egypt and Syria lately? Its pretty bad. And once in the masgid I had a fundraiser to make money for the masjid but then a person in our group who had ADHD, tore up all the signs of the restaurant. This time my dad said he could help me, so I thought we could raise money for Syria Palestine and Egypt! But my dad said if we do, then we are only doing it on the weekend. anyway I have to do some homework so,bye. Post a comment if you think we should do so! I know I am!

Sorry guys, the website I posted, yeah, I found out it was illegal ( copyright) but you can still use it, I think maybe can you?

Hi guys! I found a website where you can watch movies for FREE! Its :    www.movie2k.to

I watched Brave and Wreck-it-Ralph!

Here’s links to both!

Brave:   http://www.movie2k.to/Brave-watch-movie-2058517.html

Wreck-it-Ralph:    http://www.movie2k.to/Wreck-It-Ralph-watch-movie-2099587.html

* Click the x on the icon that says “ADVERTISMENT” and watch away!

WARNING#1: Both movies are very sad 😦


PS: I f  you want other movies look at wher it says Moviek2.to, look below it and youll see a search icon, search, and enjoy!


Oh and theres 1 more thing I forgot to mention sometimes they put inappropriate ads just exit them

Hey guys. I was just looking out my window and saw people going and buying expensive batteries just to hang light for Christmas! I mean how much money do they spend in a year on holidays? Even more, all of it is junk! Now Eid is a different story. Its a time when we all (friends and family)  have a fun time together. But, lets just count how many holidays they have to spend money on, and how much! I mean, it’s like everyday they spend and spend, all on useless junk for holidays! OK lets count: New Years Eve, Valintines Day, Presidents Day, Dr. Martin L. King Day, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, April Fools Day, 4th of July,  Thanksgiving, Labour Day, Haloween, Christmas.

Thats 12! Not to mentinon anniversarys, birthdays, and other religous holidays! Now, don’t get me wrong I bet you’re saying “So, Farida is tired of having only Eid?” no, I’m not I’m just saying that its useless to havee all these holidays and have to spend money on them! But,we have to be respectful to all religons. But, just think how much money they spend in a year on holidays? Hundre, thousands, milions? Tell us what you think by commenting below.

But I had an idea. We can have our own holiday! Like a friendship anniversery celebrating our friendship.  I know, you’re thinking it childish, but really! It would be fun anyhow. Comment below on what you think.