Da Muslim Galz

Crafts, Sports, and Hobby’s

we talk about our favorite crafts, sports ects.


5 Responses to "Crafts, Sports, and Hobby’s"

Ok, if u guys have an apple product, I REALLY reccomend that u get the app bakery story. SUPER FUN!! And emoji++ (it is the app where I get all the smiley faces) ✨✨🎉😉😃😄😊😃😉✨✨

on the computer, your smiley faces show up as like blocks with numbers in them

True, all I see are blocks. At least they’re not all the same size. Anyway I hope we can see each other but next time not in a resturant. I don’t like it when we eat together because, well the boys ruin it for us and I don’t wanna spend the whole time seeing you eating. I just don’t like going to the Super Moon Buffet either. Did you see the way the waiter looked at my mom? What Im trying to say is that ifc we see each other, it should’nt be in that resturant.

Miss ya! Hope we see each other. By the way, I was thinking we can all try skyping together

Drawing! Vids Ill post some when I come home from school:)

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