Da Muslim Galz

Annoying Siblings

We talk about problems with our siblings and parents


7 Responses to "Annoying Siblings"

Amr is so annoying. Whenever he does something I get the blame. And whenever he says something about me my parents believe him. Why do parents always trust the younger sibling?

My dad doesn’t let me watch anything! We were watching journey 2 and the second my dad saw the girl he immediatly took the video, got dressed and returned it 😡


I know but, it’s for the best I mean whatever he says I should listen.

Hi guys,Amr’s been annoying me all day!

Hi, don’t you hate when you’re younger brother does something and they get away with it? Once Amr hit me really hard (and I mean hard) and I got a huge bruise, and… he got away with it. However, when I did that to Amr I got punished. And when I showed my mom the bruise, she said ” Good, now you know that you have to be a good example to you’re little brother” WHAT?

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