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Weird but True

We all post some weird,but true facts.


2 Responses to "Weird but True"

You know that elephants………waste can be used for electricity in some countrys?

Lol, here is a list. Of wired but true facts:
There is a tpe of burd in australia that can mimic car alarms
A Japanese monkey knows how to play with snowballs
Ladybugs play dead when they are threatened
There is something called an interrobang that combines a question mark with an exclamation point
The worlds larg st peanut butter and jelly sandwich weighed as much as a polar bear!!
There is something called globe riding and you roll down a hill inside a giant blown up ball
There is a lake called frying pan lake; parts of it are so hot, it can boil an egg!!!!

Facts from national geographic kids magazine

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